Get Your Mojo On at the Navarre Fishing Rodeo

Get Your Mojo On at the Navarre Fishing Rodeo

We are at it again as a proud Supporting Sponsor of the Navarre Fishing Rodeo, happening October 7-8, 2023 at Navarre Beach, Florida. Anglers from all over the country have registered for this event that annually brings in over 200 anglers and thousands of observers. For the past eight years we have sponsored this local event that supports the Navarre Chamber of Commerce.

All participants receive a custom designed tournament shirt from Mojo Sportswear Company; and all rodeo staff will be seen wearing our newest SoWal Technical Fishing Shirt customized for the rodeo. As always, we are excited to be a part of this homegrown event.

As a leading apparel company of premium outdoor sportswear we are proud to partner with local merchants in showcasing the salt life of the Emerald Coast. The tournament shirt is our signature Wireman X shirt which is designed to protect so you can out-perform. It is our hope that every participant will shine in all of their glory and deliver an outstanding and awe-inspiring experience for the on-lookers. This is the mark of Mojo Sportswear Company (MSC) and the goal we strive to attain with every piece of apparel we produce. Because of the outstanding performance, protection, and perfection of our fabrics we have been helping anglers near and far and wide gain mastery over outdoor elements while fishing. So, we extend heartfelt cheers to all the anglers and junior anglers in hopes that they all Get Their Mojo On.

Like we did last year, we have included a discount card in the Captain’s Bag for each participant. Thus, affording every participant the opportunity to witness firsthand how MSC is pushing beyond the limit of fishing gear with everything for every outdoor activity—from hiking, biking, and golf to fishing, camping and beyond.

We sought to maximize comfort under challenging conditions in apparel that withstands the tests of intense activity day after day. Our goal and our audience demanded the best fabrics available in the textile industry. Now fully armed with just that—we have been producing apparel that appeals to today’s active lifestyle both on and off the water. We are determined to not just help you conquer the local fishing hole, but we are equipped to help you conquer life. Whether you are in the office, by the pool, on the golf course, by the trout stream, on the lake or five miles out reeling in your next trophy fish—MSC is at work keeping you clothed in apparel so you can conquer the heat and other element–extreme or not– in outdoor sporting. Now is the time to Get Your Mojo and let us help you Conquer Life! With the Performance, Protection, and Perfection of MSC apparel.

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